Man boobs or Sunken chest bothers you?

What defines a macho man? Most people that a good physique and proper hair. Going shirtless can be an embarassing issue for some men because of their awkward or loose hanging chest. Here is quick suggestion for these friends. Let me suggest for two case

1. Man boobs– This is pretty common with as we get old. I must say lose hanging chests are hard to fix but it doesnt mean that it is impossible. Some are ok with it accepting their age and some strive to be fit and throw a stylish old guy look. Here is the thing what they need  to do. As per the thumb rule đŸ™‚ ‘You will be what you eat’ so eat what you need and not what you can. Cutting fat and carbohydrates can greatly help. And the next is the important exercise part. I always stress on swimming that is the top sport that can burn your calories fast followed by squash and tennis. Instead of a clock work gym routine which may turn tiresome after days, you can involve in a sport that you used to play or a new thing. It pumps up all your hormones. Guess why all sports personalities got hot gals. From the gym perspective, you are expected to work on your core exercise like pushups, pullups,bench press, chest flies, pec deck and dips. Steroids may show differences but the chance of side effect is 50-50. Will jump from a plane with a parachute about which they say only half of manufactured deploys? So no to steroids, Push up and run.

2. Sunken chest

This an awkward issue. To be frank even I suffer with this to some extent. You have surgeries about which I dont have any opinions and also you have certain activities to cover this abnormal appearance. First thing is your posture. Walk, sit brisk. Do not walk like you are saving something in your chest. Take care to expand your chest. Second is the breathing exercise. Take deep breaths to expand and improve your lung capacity. Increasing the volume of your lungs can create difference. Then comes the gym routine. Undertake special push ups i.e. Keep ur hands slighly distant than normal and make your chest prominent in every ups after a dip. Good pullover work really helps your chest and lats. You can also perform declined flies in sets. Do not work out unless you know what are these. And work them out in a slow pace for maximum results.

Please like if you find this useful anyway. Also comment your suggestions and corrections as I am happy to hear from you.

Continuous effort can really make a change



Do you think your partner lost interest in your body?

Do you think your partner has lost interest in your body? Then please read below to get the lost thing back.

This is just my perspective and I welcome all your suggestions in the comments. I suggest few things in common for both men and women and few specific for each. Sex isn’t an act but it is just a way of expressing love. No sex doesn’t mean no just means that way of expression is absent. It is common to reduce the frequency of love making because some feels that it is the same thing everyday. But if you are an individual trying to turn your attention of your partner then here are few. You may
be old or young I guess they suit.

Bring your body back to shape if already in shape, tone it to look hot.
For a guy to look sexy, he doesnt need a sculpted abs and pumping biceps. Broad shoulders, narrow and flat waist will do the job. Pull ups and bench presses does the best job to make you look macho.
For ladies, good sized back, slim waist, hot mid riff is what important. Good cardio, few crunches and lounges would help.
However there is a short-cut. Steroids? No kill me if I say that. It is known as SWIMMING!!! Good cardio and swimming will give you a natural hot bod.
Apart from this, there are few other aspects. Be clean you know what I mean ? Neat hair, nails, teeth etc . Good eating habits can drive away the bad breath, body stink and watever.
You may prefer your partner’s favourite cologne or deo. Smell like how he/she wants a guy/gal to smell. Over all cleanliness can clearly make a difference.

Moreover its your partner and you better know whats his/her desires.

All the best!!!

Why do we fall?

Sounds like familiar question. Wise men say skill is a habit through continuous- doing.
There can be days where you feel like quitting. Nights that can haunt you for your choice. But it is always the pain you are willing to take, the last push you give differentiates you from others. There are many to defeat you. Many prayers wishing your failure. You can stand rock solid if you want something badly and you have worked hard to prove who you are. Stop complaining and get into the arena. How long a pain can make you suffer? 5 minutes? Say 5 days? Even 5 years may be. But the success is eternal. U can fall down. So what you can stand up and fight back. You do not fail when fall down. It is only when you fail to rise again and again and again to test your valour. If you have a dream, go for it . Not a cool chase but a powerful one.  I as an individual, respect your dream and respect you for your courage, for your choice and your will power to go for it. Let there be an incessant fire in you to keep your dreams and yourself alive in this mean world.

Work hard. World is yours!!!

Being Bipolar means being different?

I guess every human suffers from certain disorder.
Every human has got a battery of specific nature. Anxiety, greediness, curiosity, fluctuation and name them. Only their levels vary. Being bipolar means high amount of something that creates an illusion of being different in society. To all the people who assume to suffer, There is none to control you except you. It is just winning our mind and balancing these levels.

Happy recovery!!!